Writing the Dreams of my Future

There are moments in life when you just have to stop, look around, put on your best Taylor Swift shocked face, and sit in the childlike awe of how wonderful your life is and how benevolent your blessings are. For many years, being a stationery designer was just a dream. As much as I loved paper and as much as I relished in every opportunity to send a note or peruse a stationery store, the notion that I would be a part of that world was as far-fetched as me going bungee jumping (for the record, it will never happen). Therefore, I spent my time as most people do. I went to college and grad school. Started a career in public service and went about my normal life.

But the paper dream wouldn’t let me go…

What most of my coworkers and my staff didn’t know was that I kept a scrapbook of my favorite papers in my desk and I looked through it whenever the day got stressful and overwhelming. It literally calmed me. Thankfully, because it was in my desk at work, I still have that book and didn’t lose it in Hurricane Katrina.

I’ve told the story before, but after the Hurricane, my family and I lived in a hotel in north Texas. We were there from August to November 2005 with no idea what was going to happen to our lives. For the first time in my adult life, I had time to think, time to reassess my choices in life.

Then one day a feeling sat on my heart like a million pound weight and I knew that I had to follow this dream or die. It was that dramatic and that real. I had nothing else to lose. It took a year and some change of planning, but on January 29, 2007 Write Robinson was born. And I’ve never looked back.

The past six years have been challenging to say the least, but overall I have known in my soul, stopping was not an option. I will not stop. I will not quit. Write Robinson is my dream come true.

Recently, the Sheaffer Pen Company selected Write Robinson to help kick off their centennial celebration titled “Write Your Future by Living Your Dreams.” I know a thing or two about that topic.

The series begins today on the Sheaffer Pen facebook page so please stop by, leave a comment and share your dreams. And by all means visit the Write Robinson shop, get yourself something pretty, sit down with your favorite Sheaffer pen and write a note to someone who needs to hear from you. I thank the Sheaffer company and family for including me and my dreams in the centennial celebration of their family’s legacy. I couldn’t be more proud or honored.

Also, I would like to send a special huge thank you to Mindy Lockard, The Gracious Girl, for all of her support and kindness. See her blog for the full feature on Write Robinson.