Thought of the Day: Receive the Love You Give

Write Robinson 9-2-15

About two weeks ago, I spoke on Periscope about not taking for granted that people know how you feel about them. I encouraged everyone listening to #writeitdown and share their love and good energy freely and openly. I took my own advice and made a list of a few people who I’ve met on social media who have become bright stars in my galaxy. One of those people was Stephen Lovegrove. (He’s @drlovegrove on twitter and instagram so be sure to follow!) I sent Stephen a note (on one of my Be Bold/Dream Big cards) because his story and his energy resonates with me. He received it in the mail yesterday and then did an entire Periscope chat about it. (I would include the link but scopes are gone after 24 hours). The point is that most people say, you don’t give to receive. And I think that’s true, you shouldn’t give with the intention of receiving anything back from the person. However, I know that karma is real and regardless of how it comes back or who it comes back from, what I put out will come back. I cannot tell you how amazing it felt to see and hear someone so incredibly joy-filled because of a note that I sent. I didn’t send him a note with the intention of having an entire scope devoted to it or even having him acknowledge it. But it sure felt good. So many times, we are taught to be humble and deflect when love or appreciation or gratitude is bestowed upon us. I don’t want to deflect. I want to fully receive it and I challenge you to fully receive it too. Feel deeply in your heart the love that is given to you. It is the only way to fill your cup so you can give more. That is the cycle: give love, receive love, give love….and on and on….  Write someone a note today. It can change their life and in doing so it will change yours.