Thought of the Day: Even the Best Go to Practice

Even the Best Go to Practice

Write Robinson 9-8-15-1

Around 1:30am I watched John Mayer live on Periscope practice playing the guitar. For the record, I know absolutely nothing about playing the guitar myself. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a percussion girl, though I can’t play the drums either. None of this is the point. Anyway, in 2006, my friend Christy and I went on a road trip to see John live in Atlanta on the Continuum tour. The show was amazing, of course, but the one thing I remember more than anything was the feeling of being mesmerized and thinking to myself that I want to be as good at something as he is at playing guitar. And today, nearly nine years to the month later (we went in October), I feel the same way. I also recognize a similarity between us. He is just as excited and geeked out about practicing guitar as I am about constantly learning about paper and stationery. I never tire of it. It never gets old. It is why I can’t stop. When I’m working on stationery, it doesn’t feel like work. I know it’s my life. Am I as good at stationery as John is at guitar? Hell no. But I keep going and I keep working at it because as he proves, even the best still go to practice.