Thought of the Day: Connect, Connect, Connect

Write Robinson 9-3-15

I’ve been on a mental journey for the past few weeks. I’ve been reevaluating everything in the Write Robinson universe from, literally, why does this company need to exist to the constant evolution of my personal design style and how that translates into my work. Last week or so, I watched Cyndie Spiegel on Periscope talking about defining your mission. Since then, I have been obsessed with succinctly stating where my heart is and what that means for Write Robinson. So friends, here goes:

My name is Angel. I design and sell stationery to people who desire to develop, cultivate, and maintain positive relationships with both the intimate and social characters in their lives. I support them by providing high quality, soul-filled stationery to carry their handwritten expressions of connection.

I have realized that my personal mission as well as the mission of Write Robinson is to provide the means for people to connect with each other. Who do you need to connect or reconnect with? Is there a relationship you’ve neglected? Is there someone who would love to hear from you? Is there someone you talk to everyday who should know exactly how much you appreciate them? Does someone in your life need to be reminded of how amazing they are? Is that person you?

Today, I ask you to think about the people you want to connect with. Make a list. Be sure you have their addresses. Order some Write Robinson stationery (of course) and whatever is in your heart, #writeitdown. Our lives are made rich by the people who are in them. Keep those connections alive by writing down how you feel about them.

Connect. Connect. Connect.