Living amongst beauty. . .

Parisian Street Lamps

A few months ago, I found this image on flickr and I LOVED it because I’m inspired by streetscapes and the streetlamps appealed to me in the most amazing way.  They are incredibly fantastic.  I didn’t immediately recognize this city although I knew it was in Europe.  It reminded me of the French Quarter.  Anyway, a few weeks ago, one of my best friends sent me a postcard from her Parisian vacation and it was of these exact streetlamps! I was so excited that I thought I would share them.  Aren’t they just the most elegantly simple utilitarian things you’ve ever seen?

My goal is to surround myself with beautiful things, not for the goal of just having tons of stuff. Instead, I carefully curate a collection of items that bring me joy and I’m actively ridding myself of things that I may like, but am not in LOVE with.  Paris is a city that celebrates living amongst beauty.  I want to create that feeling in my home.  I’d like you to join me.  Let’s spend time this week creating a beautiful space, even if it’s just a corner.  And if you care to, send me a picture and I’ll post it.  Let’s start living with intention.

My sincere apologies to the photographer as I never thought I would share this photo; I just liked it for myself so I didn’t record the exact location where I found it on flickr.  For those of you who are astute, let me know if you come across it.